Training Industry features Neoskill

Neoskill featured in the recent Training Industry magazine, with the article “Advanced Technology in the Workplace”.

Our article highlights how organisations have been fast tracked into digitalisation during the COVID-19 pandemic, granting dispersed teams’ seamless collaboration. Utilising technology not only enables accessibility, but also allows continuous learning for the future of a more technology-based world of work. Transforming from the once most used training delivery, face-to-face, to digital learning methods means far-reaching development opportunities and a choice of L&D methods for learners.

Adjusting to increased automation and technology means implementing digital alternatives where possible. Although some fear this may negatively affect future jobs, research suggests otherwise. Greater incorporation of technology may suggest greater upskilling opportunities for employees, or even reskilling to adapt to changing work environments.

Although technological innovation may change how we work, there are different ways to make this change effectively. Human talent and emotional intelligence will always be in demand. To read the full article, please click here.