Employee well-being

Employee well-being is a buzzword in the corporate world, but with data showing that work-related mental illness accounts for 44% of all work-related ill health, more needs to be done to support employees.

Organisations need to ensure that they are providing continuous support and strategies for employee health and well-being. To efficiently support employees, we must take a proactive approach to well-being incentives, an approach that encompasses an organisation and acts as a preventative measure.

According to a recent CIPD survey, the most common causes of work-related stress are due to unmanageable workloads and ‘management style’. These causes are avoidable. Identifying key factors in the workplace that could risk employee well-being should be addressed and improved before issues arise.

A further finding from the survey notes that only 30% of organisations implement stress management training for the whole workforce. In workplaces where some stressful factors cannot be altered, for example, naturally high-pressure professions, equipping teams with the skills to handle and manage stress needs to be a priority.

Neoskill’s Stress Management course enables individuals and teams to understand their stress, manage it efficiently, and consequently build resilience to stress. Neoskill’s Stress Management course not only helps employees address existing stress, but also helps towards promoting well-being and preventing future ill-health.

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