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Neoskill was incorporated in 1997 and has specialised in
providing high-quality training solutions for over 25 years

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Our client list includes multiple industry disciplines and is testimony to our adaptive skills in the training arena

Why Neoskill?

We are a training consultancy, specialising in providing customised business-to-business training services. Our experience comes from working with organisations both big and small.

Noted for our flexible training services; although based in the UK, we can deliver high-quality training to our clients internationally, either online or in person.

At Neoskill, we have a team of permanent trainers to ensure continuity, flexibility, consistency, and improved client engagement. Multiple trainers are assigned to each project to cover any unforeseen circumstances. This offers ‘peace of mind’ for our clients, as we can provide training to any part of the world with no decline in quality.

We provide free online tools to aid with training delivery and scheduling, as well as competitive prices for our training team.

We love what we do

Providing knowledge, learning, and development is our passion. Doing it with the best quality and always finding ways to improve on that, is our standard.

There is rarely a ‘one-fits-all’ strategy that can be adopted for training, so we easily adapt to the client’s unique training requirements.

Collaboration is important to us; by working together with our developers, trainers, and clients, it inspires innovation and new ideas. This has enabled us to grow as a business and develop new courses, reaching out to new clients further afield and finding our stride in the training industry.

Our History

Since starting Neoskill, over 25 years ago, our clients have loved the way in which we work and the impactful outcomes of our training solutions, for example, Power Skills training, Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management. 

We grew our development team and made e-Learning packages available, allowing us to quickly adapt many of our face-to-face sessions to online. We employed full-time permanent trainers, allowing intensive training to guarantee quality. We also grew our client base from UK to global organisations. 

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, we were able to maintain business as usual and provide consistent, high-quality training to our clients throughout those uncertain times. Today, we are delivering hybrid training options for clients worldwide, with experts in learning and development at our disposal, whilst being partnered with the British Counsel and expanding into the UAE.  

Our History

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