To cover several scenarios, all our VoD services are customised for each training project
and can accompany other training methodologies

Video-on-Demand (VoD)

Video-on-Demand (VoD) is a digital content delivery method where training videos are provided to learners to accompany the training.

In the era of digital transformation, learning methods have seen a shift, with Video-on-Demand becoming a dynamic and versatile tool in training and development. VoD empowers learners by providing them with access to numerous training video varieties.

This method has proven particularly effective in enhancing various training concepts, such as professional development, software training, and compliance training, transforming how learners acquire knowledge and skills.

Video-on-Demand turns education into a flexible experience, enabling learners to customise their learning journey


Here’s how Video-on-Demand works for training:

  • Practical Demos

    VoD services are valuable for representing real-world scenarios and techniques. VoD services are great for offline systems training and demos

  • Engaging Visuals

    Video content is used to enhance understanding of training material

  • Microlearning

    VoD is ideal for delivering short, focused videos for microlearning

  • Global Accessibility

    Learners can access the same video content, creating a consistent learning experience

  • Variety of Formats

    From short tutorials to demonstrating scenarios, VoD can offer different learning preferences

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