Support & FAQ

Neoskill provides post training support for all our training sessions

Some of the support services Neoskill offer are listed below:

  • Post-course resources are available for attendees as useful reference material, for example, "cheat sheets"
  • E-Learnings to follow-up courses, either to enhance retainment or as part of a blended learning approach
  • Simulations and VoD provide practical experience in safe environments
  • Attendee participation reports for L&D metrics and tracking development programmes
  • Attendee feedback comments are captured, detailing training effectiveness
  • Follow-up programmes and workshops to improve areas of development for individuals and/or teams
  • Workbooks, guides, and action plans customised for the practical application of training strategies


For maximum engagement and a positive learner experience, we recommend up to twenty attendees for a training delivery.

Neoskill’s experienced trainers deliver our courses all over the world. Our Face-to-Face trainers travel to client sites globally, and our Web-based trainers deliver online to organisations internationally.

Course duration varies and is dependent on the course, from Web-based 1-hour courses, to Face-to-Face 2-day courses.

As English is the global language of business, all our courses are delivered by trainers fluent in English. For online courses, we use software that allows real-time, closed captions in over 100 languages. This allows accessibility for users where English is not their first language, and inclusivity for other attendees, e.g., those with hearing difficulties.

Our courses are generally delivered during the client’s local office hours. Depending on the client’s circumstances, we would consider weekend or evening courses.

The courses we offer are for business-to-business, corporate training only.

Depending on the project, some of our training solutions can be branded to client specifications.