Web-Based Training

Our virtual training can be delivered live from a remote location
using web-based software, such as WebEx

Web-based instructor-led training

Our online live training, also known as web-based or virtual instructor-led training, is specifically tailored to provide quality training sessions through a digital platform to learners, regardless of their location. Our customised training sessions are accessible to individuals working from their office or home office, as long as they have access to a laptop and phone.

Neoskill has been delivering web-based live training for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on having highly qualified and experienced trainers proficient in facilitating online courses. Our trainers interact with the learners and answer any questions that may arise in real-time. This delivery method has gained immense popularity among our clients, especially with hybrid and remote working styles, and can combine easily with other learning solutions for maximum impact.

Web-Based Training

Some of the benefits of our Web-Based Training include:

  • Flexibility

    Online live training allows participants to join sessions from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility eliminates the need for travel and enables learners to fit training into their schedules more easily

  • Geographical Reach

    Learners from different parts of the world can attend the same training sessions, overcoming geographical limitations and enabling diverse participation

  • Cost Savings

    Online live training often eliminates travel expenses, accommodation costs, and other associated expenses. This makes training more affordable for both learners and organisations, with a reduced carbon footprint

  • Convenience

    Learners can engage in training from the comfort of their homes, offices, or any location. This convenience can lead to improved participation and reduced stress associated with commuting

  • Interactive Tools

    Virtual training platforms offer a variety of interactive tools, such as polls, quizzes, chat features, and breakout rooms. These tools enhance engagement, collaboration, interactivity, and fun among learners

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