Upskilling to rebuild

Organisations may be looking at a more remote-based future, with many already offering more flexible approaches to work. A common thought, however, is “how will businesses encourage employee development opportunities for remote workforces?” Thankfully, implementing digital learning, instead of classroom-based learning, will mean remote teams can continue to develop their skills despite location. In fact, converting to a digital workplace could alternatively increase learning and upskilling demands.

New challenges for the workforce will accompany digital workplaces, meaning upskilling and cross-skilling may become a necessity. PwC research has found that 58% of TMT companies (technology, media, and telecommunications) plan to “double down on upskilling” because of the pandemic. Upskilling enables companies to rebuild their workforces for the evolving world of work; developing skills for new products and services that will help to increase revenue again.

To meet the needs of a changing market, upskilling and reskilling will be some of the most important factors in helping companies rebuild. As Ken Taylor, president of The Training Industry, notes “Training professionals need guidance and support to overcome their current challenges, which requires insights and solutions from training suppliers.”

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