Neoskill’s 2020

2020 has been a year like no other, yet Neoskill have proudly been able to continue helping clients achieve their L&D goals.

When the coronavirus pandemic forced organisations to close in March, many worried what this meant for learning and development opportunities at work. The pandemic presented an opportunity, however, for a fresh outlook on learning. Face-to-face training was often the most popular method of training, meaning online learning was an unfamiliar concept for many organisations. Adapting to remote work created a significant global increase in demand for online learning; something that not all training providers were equipped for.

Neoskill, on the other hand, have 15 years’ experience in online training and have inhouse trainers dedicated to online delivery. Our team of expert trainers were able to seamlessly continue training with no disruption to client’s schedules, especially for those who swapped face-to-face for virtual learning.

This year, Neoskill created a free “Developing your Remote Working Skills” course to help teams better adapt to the sudden change and succeed in their new remote roles. We also released an additional new course, to add to our soft skills portfolio, “Developing your Stress Management”. This course has proven to be essential for organisations during 2020. Stress management will continue to be a sought-after soft skill, for both employees and leaders, into 2021 and beyond. In honour of National Stress Awareness Day, we offered this course for half price throughout November and December.

Neoskill would like to thank all our clients that have driven our success in 2020, despite disruptions and challenges related to working during a pandemic. Everyone at Neoskill is looking forward to 2021 and continuing our high-quality training and consultancy, with new courses available throughout the coming year.

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