L&D in 2021

The Training Industry has recently published its annual trends report, noting expected trends for L&D in 2021. The trends forecasted by the Training Industry highlight the changing nature of the workplace, and how learning leaders can help organisations to achieve success in the upcoming year.

One of the top trends is soft skills and how they will further become “core to organisational and employee success.” The demand for soft skills has been on the rise in the last few years, but we have seen the significance of emotionally intelligent leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they have helped to motivate and support their teams.

There are soft skills gaps across many industries. These skills are not conventionally developed during education, but through life experiences and further learning programmes. Investing in training strategies to develop employees’ soft skills, especially with increasing workplace technology, can help organisations to keep a step ahead. Whether teams are working remotely or in the office in 2021, strong communication skills, collaboration skills and emotional intelligence are some of the many soft skills that will benefit any business.

Neoskill offers a range of soft skills courses to aid development across organisations, helping to prepare teams and individuals to succeed. To discuss your training requirements, please contact us.