Stress management skills

Life is full of stress, and for some the biggest contributor to stress is work. Statistics have shown that stress drastically impacts our health and wellbeing. Stress can even lead to illnesses or harmful coping mechanisms when we do not manage our stress appropriately. This is not something businesses can ignore, and ensuring employees learn how to efficiently manage stress is essential for a healthy work environment.

Certainly, some stressful situations are inevitable, and there are occasions where we cannot avoid stress. Stress can even be a good thing, an evolutionary tool to motivate us and help us to succeed. However, learning the difference and how to build resilience to stress is what can set us apart.

Neoskill’s course “Developing your Stress Management Skills” is the newest addition to our “Well-being” series, exploring the science of stress and how to recognise and manage the stress in our lives. This course is currently available as an interactive, instructor led online session, which makes it accessible for any team. For more information about Neoskill’s new course, please contact us via