Business resilience

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible” – Frank Zappa, American musician.

The “new normal” has become a common phrase in our vocabulary, but it does not have to hold the negative connotations some people may associate with it. The lock-down period has seen businesses deliver innovative strategies to continue working, support their employees and adapt to consumer needs.

The resilience many individuals and businesses have built so far in 2020 has created a strong foundation for their futures. When a person develops their own mental processes and behaviours to withstand difficult events it promotes new approaches and flexibility. Actively demonstrating resilient behaviours can encourage others around them to build resilience also.

This resilience allows people to think further than ‘the now’ and be optimistic with what they and their teams can achieve in the long term. Creating this type of proactive culture generates ample possibilities, from personal development to continuous business growth.

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Leaving the norm can create an opportunity for endless learning.