Neoskill’s new storytelling course

Storytelling can be a powerful tool, not just for authors but for businesspeople that want to engage, connect, and inspire others.

Humans have always told stories as a way to communicate and are a fundamental part of our daily interactions. Stories, however, can be beneficial beyond a form of entertainment and can be used in the corporate world to enhance communications.

There are plentiful storytelling opportunities in the workplace. Whether through marketing materials, a sales pitch or in training, storytelling can make the content more relevant and captivating.

Neoskill’s “Developing Your Storytelling Skills” course explores how to understand your audience, structure a framework to develop and sharpen your story, and how to craft a story that can motivate others toward action. Our new course will give attendees practical tools and techniques needed to compose stories that will influence and inspire.

We will also be releasing additional courses within our soft skills portfolio, in the coming weeks: our bias awareness course and communication skills course will soon be available to book. To find out more about our new soft skills courses, contact us.