Employee onboarding

A blue-chip, global tech company has awarded Neoskill the privilege of being part of their onboarding journey. Neoskill is delivering the training, across numerous time zones, to the company’s new hires to help them transition smoothly into their new roles.

The course Neoskill designed shares the fundamentals of the business, from the markets they operate in, to the business strategy. This course highlights all the valuable information a new hire would need to help begin their career in the company.

Onboarding training is, usually, the first step in integrating an employee, allowing them to learn about the company they have joined. This first impression can have a lasting impact, so it must be a positive experience that engages new employees. An effective onboarding programme helps define the company culture, setting employees expectations for their career in the company from the outset.

Utilising the skills of experienced training providers for an onboarding programme can also improve outcomes. Research by Glassdoor found that “a strong onboarding process can improve employee retention by 82%”. Increased retention, consequently, can help new employees be more productive sooner as they have a better understanding of their role.

With only 12% of organisations, according to Gallup, believing they do a “great job” of onboarding new employees, it seems many organisations need to improve their practices. To retain the talent that organisations have acquired, they must approach employee onboarding with enthusiasm and preparation. Laying the foundation for a successful career in an organisation starts with an effective onboarding programme, and Neoskill is proud to be entrusted with the project.

If you require effective employee onboarding training to help employees succeed in their new roles, contact us.