New CS training for sales tracking software

A global client, using a new customer service tracking software, asked Neoskill to design, develop and deliver a bespoke training solution for Customer Service Managers.

The aim of the training was to ensure that all Customer Service Managers utilised the new software correctly thus allowing the client to assess levels of customer satisfaction, post-sales. Using the new software the Customer Service Managers could analyse how their customers felt about their recently purchased products and services. This new post-sales analysis tool, when used effectively would give both parties an opportunity to ensure that the functionalities of the newly purchased products/services were being utilised as intended. The desired result – to improve repeat business success rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Neoskill was commissioned to lead this training from start to finish, due to our experience in providing bespoke training solutions in IT systems and integrating these with business processes.

Members of the Neoskill training team understood and applied the customer service processes to the new software system. A training solution was designed and developed to integrate the existing business processes and the new customer service software tool. The use of web-based delivery was agreed and used as the primary form of training delivery.  All the client’s Customer Service Managers, in multiple locations, were trained by Neoskill over a period of two weeks.

The Customer Services training programme was produced with the client’s aim as the focal point: providing post-sales Customer Service Managers with the tools to “deliver excellent customer experiences and sales satisfaction”. By incorporating the new software training with the client’s existing CRM system Neoskill developed a customer-centric, multi-faceted solution to aid future repeat sales via satisfied customers.

The client has been impressed with Neoskill’s professionalism during this project, commenting on our ‘easy to communicate with’ approach and being able to rely on Neoskill trainers to develop and deliver the required, customised, training. As Neoskill worked closely with the software product specialists, Customer Services upper management felt that “they were in good hands” with Neoskill.

Our client is confident that they will achieve an excellent ROI as a result of the training Neoskill provided, in conjunction with continued use of their new software: ultimately leading to happier customers and consequently improving repeat sales.

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