Marketing & Partners: Customised CRM training

Neoskill deliver monthly CRM training to a large client globally. This client approached Neoskill to provide customised training to their US Marketing department.  The customised CRM training would be delivered to the client’s marketing department and their partners.

Our client acquired a new marketing tool to be implemented for interacting with partners. Once this new tool was synchronised with the client’s existing system, the customised CRM training would be delivered by Neoskill. The US-based marketing department reached out to Neoskill to design, develop and deliver training to them and their partners. Neoskill would use web-based tools to deliver the training, allowing partners to attend the training sessions from multiple locations.

Neoskill trainers worked closely with the marketing department to assimilate the new tool and understand how the marketing department’s use of would change. As a joint project, marketing and Neoskill worked together to ensure that the new customised CRM training would be easy to follow and applicable to all partners.

Our trainers used their knowledge of the client and the client’s CRM system, understood the new marketing system and it’s interaction with partners. The variety of partners and their close working relationships with the client being an essential cog in the client’s business needed to be reflected in the success of the customised CRM training. The training delivery was of huge importance to the client and it’s working relationship with it’s partners.

This project was expertly delivered under-budget and on-time. Marketing were delighted with the feedback from partners following the delivery of the customised CRM training.

This project proves to be another example of the confidence our customers have in all aspects of the training that Neoskill deliver.

New customers are fuelling the growth of Neoskill and repeat business is providing the ‘turbo-boost’ in our expansion.

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