Stress and burnout

Neoskill have began delivering the new course “Developing your Stress Management Skills”, skills which are beneficial for any team. Stress in the workplace is to be expected, with reasons such as tight deadlines and meeting customer expectations to name a few. Although stress can help motivate us, too much stress can be detrimental.

Some people find it difficult to relax because they never really “switch off” from work. They continually check their emails, make work related phone calls into the evening, blurring the boundaries of work and home life. Are you able to resonate with any of these statements? Occasionally working extra hours may not affect you in the long term, but the same cannot be said if it is a daily occurrence.

Healthy ways to cope with stress can be different for everyone. Some people enjoy exercising to help relieve stress, whilst others turn to meditative practices such as yoga or drawing. Sometimes, however, we get too stressed and cannot properly relax. This state is called burnout, and it is crucial to address your stress before you reach the point of burnout.

Permitting yourself time to unwind today will allow you to work better tomorrow. Do you know how much stress you can manage before you reach burnout?

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