Sales Excellence E-Learning package Approved

Neoskill’s E-Learning package for Sales Excellence is underway

Neoskill E-Learnings have captured the interest of another blue-chip conglomerate. We have been asked to design and develop a customised E-Learning package to be rolled out to sales representatives in Europe and USA.

Sales Excellence E-Learnings are to be developed to ensure that there is a uniform understanding of the sales Funnel and sales Pipeline throughout the organisation. The customised E-Learning package will help the salesforce manage their accounts in a consistent manner: ultimately, assisting the whole business to maintain healthy sales growth. Neoskill’s previous delivery of CRM training and in-depth business operations knowledge, made us a natural choice for this E-Learning package. The Sales Excellence E-Learnings will enhance utilisation of the current CRM investment and is seen to be a cost efficient use of resources.

The sales managers have reported to be “delighted” with the decision to roll out a Sales Excellence E-Learning package.

“This E-Learning package will define sales metrics and targets for sales teams across the business”.

“The Sales Excellence E-Learnings will be intertwined with the use of our CRM system ( This is a huge step forward for our organisation”.