Resting to be productive

There have been copious news stories highlighting the rise in feelings of “burnout” among workers, a state caused by excessive and prolonged stress, during the covid-19 pandemic. A common cause for people experiencing more stress, and consequently burnout, is often linked to the longer working hours professionals are undertaking whilst working from home. In fact, UK workers have increased their working week by almost 25% in the last year, according to NordVPN statistics. The lines have been blurred between work life and home life, with people working “out of hours” to complete tasks to show they are capable of being productive whilst working remotely.

The continual need to be productive, and therefore work longer, is a counterintuitive concept that does more harm than good. Not permitting yourself to rest can negatively impact your productivity, creativity and health. Rest is not the absence of work but instead an essential factor for you to work productively.

Neuroscientists observing brain activity have found that when resting, your brain continues to be active – in unexpected parts of the brain. The study revealed that the brain activity that occurs when resting correlates with intelligence, empathy, and mental health. Resting, instead of forcing yourself to continue working under the premise of productivity, can aid your health and allow you to be more efficient when you do work.

Neoskill has put together some tips to help you ensure that your rest is restorative and consistent in your work schedule, allowing you to reap the benefits of effective productivity:

  • Take your entitled breaks every day, away from your desk.
  • Plan each work week with your working hours in mind, to help you complete your daily tasks and finish work when you’re supposed to.
  • Explore mindfulness techniques, such as meditation, to help rest your mind.
  • Make time for doing things that you enjoy, whether it’s spending time with family, exercising, or learning a new skill.

Remember, rest is part of productivity. If you feel that your team or workplace would benefit from learning how to manage stress, Neoskill’s “Developing Your Stress Management Skills” course can help you achieve this. Contact us to find out more.