New Hire on-boarding

Neoskill perfects customised New Hire training.


All organisations have periods of hiring – more so for organisations experiencing rapid growth. Neoskill have been involved with the on-boarding process of many of our clients. We have been part of the new hire experience on a continuous basis providing top-line training for new employees.

Neoskill trainers work with the organisations’ subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide entry-level training for new starters. This ensures the organisation has consistency for each new hire programme and the latest information about the company can be shared from the start. With most of these clients, Neoskill provides in-depth training in specific areas and the new hire training is a great opportunity for employees to be made aware of where to get the correct information about training that is specific to their individual roles and requirements.

As with all our training solutions, Neoskill customise the new hire training to meet the needs of the client and the specific requirements of new hires. By perfecting the new hire programmes, Neoskill’s training helps to relieve managers of countless and repetitive trainings. On numerous occasions Neoskill have been part of the in-house training teams providing a focus on specific areas of training and collectively the training team have been able to provide the necessary basic training for new starts.

Neoskill have worked with a large number of clients to hone in the skills ensuring that all the new hire programmes we develop are line-in with the client’s mandatory compliances and company policies.

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