New course for remote working skills

Workplace flexibility has always been desirable, but now it’s essential to keep businesses operating during the coronavirus pandemic. Remote working is now the compulsory alternative to working at ‘the office’. However, with an abundance of online tools and technology, many people are realising that it can be a more productive way of working than they once thought.

Remote working is when you or members of your team work anywhere that isn’t the conventional office, typically from home. Following government advice, organisations have implemented mandatory working from home policies for their employees. Most companies have not operated entirely from home before, which leaves gaps in their regular work practices and communication styles. These unprecedented times have forced employers to suddenly transition to the digital workplace, without learning how to help keep themselves and colleagues motivated and productive.

Contrary to common preconceptions, studies have found working from home can in fact produce higher productivity levels and greater job satisfaction. Although there may be a number of factors contributing to job satisfaction, one of the most significant is trust. Having confidence in your team to work without being supervised helps to build trust, and consequently engagement. That being said, it takes discipline to efficiently work from home. To not only understand, but enforce the correct practices are what makes it such a productive way of working. Not everybody feels they can work well from home, but applying the right skills and strategies can make it possible.

To build trust you also need to develop your communication skills. Interacting with colleagues and customers is now different but more important than ever. The aforementioned online tools not only facilitate working outside of the office to continue, but also collaboration, team meetings and learning and development. With the many online platforms available, communication can be achieved with more than just emailing.

Neoskill has created a “Developing your Remote Working skills” course to help your business and employees learn the best practices for working from home. This is a free 45 minute virtual course available during April and May this year, to benefit those working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our course is a live and interactive session, delivered by our experienced online and remote trainers. To book your free “Developing your Remote Working skills” course please contact us via