Multimodal Learning Styles

Due to numerous variables affecting the way you learn; different educational backgrounds, personality traits, levels of motivation, and learning abilities you will find that learning styles are highly individualised.

Each person thinks and reasons differently, so it is understandable that their learning style would allow them to problem-solve, process, learn, and remember new information in their own ways. An easy way to find out what learning style best suits your needs is to use the VARK method – Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetics.

Between 50% – 70% of any population find themselves in the ‘Multimodal’ group, where they either have a strong preference for three of the four styles, such as VAR or ARK, or even scores across all four modes. As the name implies, multimodal learners will tend to use a variety of ways to learn information, adapting their styles and strategies dependent on the problem or environment they are in for learning and communicating.

On the other side, those with a single preference will “get it” by using the style that best aligns with their single preference.

Training people of different learning styles can be difficult to begin with until you understand their individual preferences, and select study strategies that capitalise on those learning preferences and personal strengths. At Neoskill, our trainers have an abundant understanding of learning, and learning styles. Our customised training solutions incorporate different learning styles in the training material to ensure a great learning experience for all.


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