Employee engagement

In 2021, Amid the Great Resignation and year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gallup conducted research that showed a decline in U.S. employee engagement in their work and workplaces. One of the most poignant findings from this new research was that only one-third (34%) of employees were engaged in their work.

Boosting employee engagement starts from the top, bleeding down to management and then onto the teams. Managers keeping employees informed and engaged comes from keeping the organisational priorities clear and well communicated as changes occur. For example, when communication is unclear, managers can experience more stress, which can pass onto other employees. A stressful workplace can impact employee engagement, so identifying areas that can be improved before problems worsen is crucial.

Gallup provided strategies that leaders can use to encourage employees to become more involved in the workplace, bringing excitement to roles and capitalising on their employees’ strengths:

  • Communication is key. As information moves from the top throughout the organisation, it can become unclear, causing stress and confusion amongst the workforce. By implementing clear and concise organisational direction, updating any potential changes as soon as they occur, ensures continued engagement.
  • Support your managers. Burn out can transgress through the team quickly, so if team leaders are burnt out, it’s likely their employees will be too. Take time to discuss professional growth and strategies with managers, whilst also ensuring they feel supported in their work.
  • Think beyond engagement. Consider employees’ overall wellbeing as social, financial, and physical stressors can factor into their experience at work. Understanding your staff needs and encouraging a focus on well-being in the workplace adds even more to employee engagement.

Organisations can influence the lives of their leader, and therefore their employees, in and out of work. With the right soft-skills development, employee experience and engagement can improve. To learn more about how to do this, contact us.