Distribution and systems

As the New Year brings hope and possibilities, it too brings forward new clients.

Westcoast Limited, UK’s number one distributor for many leading IT brands, has asked Neoskill to provide training for their internal ordering system. This system is used throughout the organisation in many different departments: Westcoast have asked Neoskill to design standardised training for all users and specific functional training for various departments.

We will be working with Westcoast Subject Matter Experts to help guide our trainers through their business processes and how these link with system functionalities. Once the training has been designed and developed, our in-house trainers will deliver the training to many of the 1600 employees at Westcoast, via live online training sessions.

This will be a challenging project as timelines are tight, however with an excellent L&D team, project managers, SMEs and Neoskill trainers working as a unit, this will also be a very enjoyable project.