Yellow paper ripped open to reveal blue paper beneath, with words written in white chalk that say Words Have Power

Breaking Biases with Words

The words we use have power! The words we use and their association with biases can have a significant impact.


CPB London’s poignant ad campaign, unveiled on International Women’s Day in 2022, demonstrated this reality with remarkable clarity. Through just two thought-provoking questions, they managed to encapsulate the essence of challenging biases. Unravelling unconscious perceptions, and igniting conversations about workplace equality.

The brilliance of the campaign lies in its simplicity. With questions like “Imagine a CEO…is it a man?” and “Imagine someone crying in the office…is it a woman?” CPB London has struck a nerve, compelling viewers to confront their own biases head-on. These questions aren’t just rhetorical; they serve as triggers for crucial conversations that can pave the way for meaningful change.

The campaign reveals how societal norms and expectations often shape our biases in profound ways. Evoking emotions and challenging engrained beliefs, allowed the campaign to effectively expose the harmful nature of these biases. Perpetuating outdated ideologies in both professional and personal spheres.


Encouraging Open Dialogue to Combat Biases


By encouraging conversations about bias in the workplace, we can unearth unconscious biases and address them proactively. Creating a culture of inclusivity requires active participation from everyone, as we collectively strive to challenge stereotypes and advocate for equality in all aspects of life.

The CPB London campaign serves as a reminder of the transformative power of words. By leveraging language to confront biases and promote inclusivity, we can contribute toward creating a more equitable and accepting world. Each of us has a role to play in this endeavour; it begins with the conscious choice of the words we use and the narratives we continue.

If you’re interested in exploring more about the transformative potential of language and reducing biases within your team, consider exploring our Power of Magic Words and Rewire Your Biases training courses on our Power Skills Training Portfolio page. Join us as we endeavour to build a more inclusive tomorrow, one word at a time.